Oh  how I love

When that stranger walks in

He calls out to me

Asks me to begin
Wants me to sing a song

About my disease

Wants me to beg, lie down

To get on my knees
Wants to laugh at my shame

embellish my guilt

Wants to drag me down

Wants to to tear down what i built

Yet I don’t mind to sing
In fact like to dance

That stranger inside

He stands little chance
In shadows he lurks

In shadows he resides

When brought into light

He loses his disguise
Sure I have done this

And i have done that

I went way further down

Than an alley cat
That stranger and me

Have been round the block

Many days and nights

Without noticing the clock

Today I see him there

He is always nearby

He is quite sad you know

In fact makes me cry

Trying to bury his pain

To not bring it to light

Does not live in the day

Inhabits the night

Today i don’t join him

Left that life behind

I keep him nearby

To only remind

Now i play with the poets

Creates rhymes from the dust

God’s voice comes right through me

As always he must

God’s voice comes right through us

Yes you and yes me

God’s voice comes right through us

For all the world to see

I am grateful today

For an ink slinger’s tune

Now I shall retire

And go stare at the moon

God bless Bill Walston
(written as a poetic response to a recovery poem)

(Originally posted on my other blog – about addiction and recovery and yet I am wanting to collapse the two)