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Did I jump too soon?

Celebrate too early?

Will I like others before

Become the cliche of sports re-runs?

Will they think I am enough?

go behind my back, cutting me out?

Did I make the right move?

Involve enough of the team?

Questions flood my brain flood

my thoughts

blocking out beauty

Pausing I see amidst the turmoil

I am not these thoughts

They are a playback of an earlier time

Stuck in an endless feedback loop

Blocking the truth

Am I successful? asks this tree before me

Do I have enough?

Did I grow in the right location?

Do I have enough sunlight?

Will my offspring grow tall and be without burden?

Will other’s in my community thrive?

Will I be cut down before my time?

Did you notice my missing limb?

Do they trust me?

Do they love me?

My heart knows that trees

don’t think that way

They are

All their days in the

full presence of God

Connected to heaven

Intertwined with the earth



Dancing in place