Good morning,

Last night, I shut the door on a place that housed me for the last 32 months. It was nice to clean it completely. I feel it heals a past indiscretion in my youth when I left an apartment in shambles on my way home from University. This time I did complete work – and am grateful.

I have not moved a lot in the past 27 years – this will be only my 3rd move. When I was a kid, some years I moved three times in one year – that is a story for a different time.

This move is about simplifying, letting go of what I don’t need – I am doing that with space – and within this space I will be letting go of many things also.

Mom also lived in that place with me along with her cat Nissa and later our dogs, Keira and Koda. For a time, we all lived their together. Each of them contributing to my life in their own way. And then one by one, I had to let them go as they were off on their own new adventure as I continue on mine.

I continue to work toward building my vacation property management company. Sharing my own slice of heaven is coming along well – and I will let the heavens know that I am ready for new guests.

Beyond my own space, I am in talks with two other companies regarding their properties and with each new conversation, new possibilities are opening up. I have huge learning curve in front of me, how blessed I am.

I am grateful for all who have showed up on my path over the last couple of years. That includes all of you. There are only very few who I did not know.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be in the space of a monk (actually 3 monks). Bhaktimarga Swami (the Walking Monk) I had met last year. He noticed that I was a lot more grounded this time.

On Sunday, I shared an evening of chanting & discussion with him, his two colleagues, my good friend and teacher, Meranda and others. It was a beautiful evening of song and exploration.

It helped me to remember my first yoga teacher, Sarojini Bremner from 20 years ago. Sarojini once told me that Yoga was not something she did – it was something she was.

As I continue to walk forward on this adventure – I am grateful for all of it.

For the blessings and obstacles, for the lessons and gifts. For my rising faith and my deepening sobriety.

Mostly though, I am grateful for YOU. For what you have brought into my life. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

God Bless, Namaste.