Shall we taste the sky
You and I

Shall we get on our knees
breathe in the dirt

Not in a dress not in a skirt

With our hands the shade
gun metal gray

Watch worms ply their journey
Ants on ant time

Or lie on our backs
Watch heaven go by

Shall we marvel the joy
The beauty felt

As God in his wisdom
Reveals the cards that he dealt

Shall we ponder a rose,
a leaf or a twig

And wonder just wonder
if we could take one little swig

To drink in the lemons
drink in the lime

In this pursuit
we don’t bother the time

Not even a worry
With strife but a scar

The sun will keep calling
Why you travelling so far?

But not distance we go
But depth in the now

Watching dandelion seed
Lifting its brow

Marvelling at the design
With God at the Wheel

Yet not drifting off
Keeping it real

When I chew on a bumblebee
And dance with the flies

I rejoice in this moment
Let the world go on by

Following the roots you may
Think that they are going somewhere

Yet they serve a master
whose staying right here

Shall we taste the sky
You and I