Surrender begins like a fairy tale 

In a distant land 

Begins as a Dream unknown 

scares us shitless

Surrender begins

a blanket with nails

We hang on … letting go no option 

Hang on to the known 

Even if that known is the darkest night 

Even if that known has dragged us through the mud, left us naked in the street

Surrender begins with a whisper

A candle flickering

Dancing,  embracing the darkness that peers in so close 

Surrender begins

With the mystery of an empty page

The words elusive the ink dry
Surrender begins 

a map without borders 

A voyage with no defined destination
Surrender begins

loneliness in a crowded room

fear, emptiness.
Surrender begins

With struggle 

And pleads
I stand now on the other side of surrender

Knowing it’s grace and power

Looking out at those who cannot yet see

Surrender begins with love

With letting go

With saying yes to life 

Surrender begins

With tears running down my cheek

With falling to my knees 

Surrender begins 

With holding hands

And hugs of understanding 

Surrender begins 

In this moment

In this place