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I vanish from sight

Disappearing into the landscape

Trapped in a world of my own design

Caged without chains
Your words are not enough

Flood my brain

Stay silent
Awakened by the radio

Emerge from the wood

Your camouflage not needed

I pondered for days

For what

For whom

Stay silent

Let it die
Something changed yesterday

Listening to voices

Heard cause shared

Through willing ears
A hashtag births a movement

An evil geniuses design

Floods the streets, a $5 high

A great grandmothers praise

Raising esteem and belief
Emerging from darkness


Pulling open a curtain

Allowing light to fill the room
I spent the day engaged in play

600 words not more

One, a collection

Something to explore
Tupac’s words flood my ears

The words of a mother too

Contribute share
I don’t play the lottery

Because I will not win

But life is no lottery

Or perhaps it is

One won a long time ago
Staying silent

I choose to abandon

To celebrate my voice

In His glory

That’s just the way it is

Things’ll never be the same