Off course…on course
I am back.
I would love to say I was off on some grand adventure of which I will now impart some wisdom

Yet the truth is that I went silent and did not want to share
So what changes now?
Tupac Shakur. As I watched him being honored posthumously in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, he said that the only thing that could stop him was death and even then his music would go on.
Aren’t we all so grateful for those who are willing to share: Prince, Leonard Cohen and Tupac amongst the many -for while gone now we can simply turn them on and be risen
Many many years ago, long before Chicken Soup for the Soul, I was introduced to the work of Jack Canfield in a series called Self Esteem and Peak Perfomance
Off course… on course was a story he told about our lives.
When moving toward our goals, going off course is going to happen, it is natural, for the path we are walking does not come with a map.
And yet it is not the going off course that matters, what matters is our response to it.
Are we stopped? I know at times that is my response
Do we cry and act like a victim? I have been there too

Do we get angry and rail against those who remind us that we are off course?

Or are we thoughtful.

Willing to stand back and realize. And make adjustments to our path.

Notice when you walk across the room that you still get to the other side even when you walk straight.
Have an awesome week exploring your reactions to On Course, Off Course