Ever feel you are at the edge of something?

Peering in yet afraid to leap?

Shouting out wondering if there will be an echo?

Ever feel like deep within may be all the riches you ever needed or even wanted yet you were afraid to flash a light?

At this moment in time, I am at the edge.

Peering into the darkness…searching for the light 

Peering into the abyss…wondering what may be within 

I have been standing on the edge a while now but the access point has been boarded up

Little by little

I am removing the nails 

Little by little

I am throwing away the boards

Little by little 

I see that the opening may be big enough for me to enter

And now it is up to me

Up to me 

For it is only me who can leap 

It is only me who can venture into the deepest parts of me.

To bring light to areas that have only known darkness.

To bring joy to areas that have only known pain.

To bring healing to areas that have only known loss.

So pray for me and encourage

For while I know it is so simple it is yet so hard

To honor myself where in the past I have mainly only caused pain

And for what reward?

Surely not an easy life, but an accepting one

And for mostly for a knowing, a knowing 

that who I am 

is enough 


I am worthy


I always have been.

Gordon Martin (Nov 13, 2015)