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over the past 20 years I have talked 

With people about the Defining moments in their lives  – the moments which brought them to this moment

The moments that have taught them the big lessons of their lives

The moments which made them who they are today

In whatever way they defined that whether that be the father, mother business person, engineer or person that they are.

One of those people I asked was Dr. Wayne Dyer. I asked him in a letter I wrote him to acknowledge the contribution that he was in my life. 

He wrote me a letter in return sending me along a couple of books – and told me to refer to a certain page in the book and that would be my answer.

The story that was written there was about his search to see his father’s grave – which was a search all his life to know his father – who had abandoned him when he and his brothers were really small. 

The point of the story was about the transformational power of forgiveness – I missed that point.

One of the wisest men, I have had the pleasure to learn from through reading and hearing his story and his teachings had given me a key to living a transformed life. A lesson I could have also learned from what Jesus taught us – and yet I missed it.

When Dr. Wayne Dyer passed from this plane last month, I was called to listen to a 30 minute interview with him in which in the last 10 minutes of the interview he told that story again as the most important moment of his life. I sat in stunned disbelief – a chill running through my body.

Almost 20 years had passed since he told me that story. 20 years in which I have made excuse after excuse about why not to continue finishing that work.

20 years of growth but not fully embracing the lesson that he tried to convey about how important it is to forgive others and I would say mostly ourselves and the miracles that that can create. 

And even now as I write this – and feel the sense of loss of missing that point – I see that in this moment I can forgive myself. Forgive myself. Forgive myself

Smile and be grateful for the wisdom that is all around us at all times as long as we are willing to wake up and be here in this present moment.

Sending you love and all green lights.

Gordon Martin (Sept 12, 2015)