I am rising 

Not much has changed…everything has changed

My outer circumstances look the same…my inner focus has shifted

And I could point to so many things that started this transformation

And yet I would have to go back to the beginning of time to find that moment.

I am rising – because I am being a Cause in the Matter. 

I am rising because I chose to rise

Because I am surrendering my will

And living my life on life’s terms

And I am choosing wellness over money

And I am choosing connection over isolation

And I am choosing Love over resentment

And I am choosing expression over hiding out

And I am choosing acknowledgement of others 

And growth 



And leadership

I am choosing accountability 

I am choosing being a student 

I am choosing to view my struggles as opportunities

I am choosing to listen

And accept that I am where I am and ultimately that is perfect.

Look at me, I am rising.

God Bless you and your journey

And I need you to know that I too have been depressed, confused, scared, ashamed, alone, and feeling like I was going backward, going downward fast. And all those feelings still exist in me – yet for right now I am glad to say that they are not being fed. I am feeding that which sustains me.