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  at times like this, I wish that i could run and then God reminds me that I can walk

I so wish I could sing yet am so grateful I can talk

I may be fat but soon can be fit

And i fall down, so many times

Yet I can get back up and

More importantly 

I can stand

When we look for things to be grateful

For in our lives 

Are we willing to be humble enough enough to just be grateful

For these simple things

I have legs and I can stand

I have feet and can walk

I have eyes and I can see

I have ears and I can hear

I have a tongue and I can talk

I have teeth and can chew 

Sometimes we make things so complicated 

thinking we have so little be grateful for

Yet we must look close 

Can you breathe

That is where you can start

Today I am grateful for every thing – in all the places where I am broken and all the places where I am well.