When God calls 
Do you answer the call
Do you listen at all
Do you run from the room
Pretend that he is not on the line
That maybe he will lose your #

When God calls

Do you celebrate or hide
Do listen or turn your back
Do you open the door or lock it up tight?

I know for me 

I have done it all
Run toward
Run away
Opened the door
And also turned off the light 
Pretending that I am not home

And yet he keeps calling me
Wondering when I will awake
Awake not only to his purpose
For me 
but to the reason I am here at all
All I can promise is that I am listening now

And am here to give my life to serve you 
To serve those who need me 

as I need them
To live to glorify your name in a way that is uniquely me 
I am blessed 

Gordon (August 11, 2015)