No I am not interested 

No thanks I have one

No fuck off, not today, not any day

Not on a boat

Not in a moat

Not on a train or on a plane

As adults we forget how many no’s we dished out to our kids, minute by minute, day by day, hour by hour for years. My kids have not given up yet.

Have yours?

Have you?

I am just starting off in a new business where getting no’s is par for the course.

I just got my first one, and while I said that this is what I was playing for today – i have to say that I was surprised at how quickly the seeds of doubt came flying back in.

“This is not going to work”

“What if everyone says no”

All that shit. I am sure you could tell me far more than that

Well today I am going to be like my kids,

Pick myself up

Dust myself off

And work for my second no.

There is a secret that our kids know just too well. If they ask enough times, they are going to get a yes. 

And so am I- and that is going to be one of the many yes’s I am going to get. 

…even if they are surrounded by all those terribly wonderful no’s.

Have a glorious weekend. 

Who could refuse? “please dad”