On a tear filled night of rage and anger
35 years ago
I penned my first rambling poem
Giving voice to my pain
Giving a spout from which flowed my story

I have seen darkness
I see it still

I have seen light
I get lost in the beauty it reveals

Success I hear is 90% failure

That journey is the road of the
in -between

Dare I say act one is complete

Soon there will be an intermission

And Act 2 will begin

What I know

From what I have learned so far



There will be darkness

There will be light

I will be in the in between


And being amazed

Hafiz sings of union
And love of God

In Gibran I hear of the magic
Of you and I

Many poets
Write and move me
Cause me

To be more than
To looker deeper than
To examine closer than

Eminem challenges me to own these moments to never let them go

In doing so
In staying present

All can be told
All can be honored

My own unique self expression
My “me”ness
My cascading breath of God

Will be allowed to shine for all to see.

Feb 19