My addict cries for independence
Yearns for me to go inside
To reject all that around me
To drag me down
And beat me up

Makes me write ” I am not Ray”
As if anyone besides Ray Charles could ever have been

Makes me think that I am on my own
When that clearly is a lie
When I have had and always will have those willing to do whatever it takes to love and support me

The addict wants want it wants
To be soothed
To be numb
To get lost in its own private hell

But for tonight
For those who struggle
Some who win and some lose
For those who love me and even for those who don’t

I reject all that shit

I don’t need to go into the Wild
And while I need to walk this road
Need to go on this journey
Never have or never I will have to walk it alone

As the wind and the rain
Pelt the house
And make it shake
Testing its strength and resolve

So too do I welcome the doubt
And the little voice that says I can’t
For within it
Lies the truth that the addict
Does not want me to hear

That deep down

I don’t have to be strong
Just have faith
I don’t need to have it all figured out
Just trust
I don’t need to do it all by myself
Just open my arms and be willing

You are right Brett, “love will come set me free, I do believe”

Feb 16 2015