I lost a friend on Thursday

Someone who had been sharing her
Someone who was a stand for Leadership
A stand for Partnership
A stand for Doing things you never did before

I lost a friend on Thursday
A friend who had shared with me
Laughed with me
Mentored Me
praised me
Coached me
And held my hand as I took on something bigger than I ever imagined myself to be

I lost a friend on Thursday
Who inspired a Community
And worked tirelessly to help others

I found her on Saturday
In a note in a book on my shelf

A book to help me in my own Recovery
Letting Go it said

I have my friend
I let go
I am glad you did also
Now go and play
With the Angels
Dance and sing

And Shine like the beautiful soul that you are .

God bless you Marlene. I was honored and blessed to have known you and been impacted by the force that you are.