Thank you for sharing your pain and loss. I still remember having to put Smudgie down so many years ago and the upset that losing her caused me. And the night when my mom’s cat lay next to me on the bed and passed in her sleep while my mom was in the hospital after having suffered from a stroke. Honoring my mom by honoring Midnight was very important thing I have ever done. Famous or not (I had never heard the bacon cat story- kind of think that whole cat/internet thing is over the top) what is more important to me is that you shared and honoured your friend and are telling us how much you will miss her


Glaghghee came to us in May of 2003 when my then next-door neighbor Jerry knocked on my door, said, “here’s the kitten your wife said she wanted,” thrust a small, furry thing into my hands, and then walked off. I looked at the small puff of fur, literally no larger than my hand, said “okay” to myself and then took it upstairs with me.

Then I called my wife, who was at work, and the conversation went like this:

Me: You didn’t tell me you ordered a cat.

Krissy: I ordered a what?

Me: A cat.

Krissy: I didn’t order a cat.

Me: Jerry just came over with a kitten that he said you wanted. He mentioned you specifically.

Krissy: Oh, lord. I was talking to him the other day and he said that his cat had had kittens and that he thought that one of them was an albino…

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