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Where do you stand
What is your point of view

Are you all about conflict or peace
Building walls or tearing them down
Malcolm X or Martin
Half full or empty
The way it is or can be?
The KKK or peaceful integration
Treatment of Disease or encouraging Wellness
Pro active or reactive

I stand in All is Well
I stand in Peace
I stand that Love will find a way

I stand in empty and meaningless
And the world of possibility
For Inspirational Leadership
For Fellowship and Grace

I know that I Cannot do it all
But I have seen the work of God
And know that he can handle it.

What’s your point of view?
How does it color your world?
What filters do you look through?

What if you took all them off
What if you stood in All is Well
What would be possible if you stood for love?

When you start from Generosity, ALL IS POSSIBLE!