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In the movie, “the Grey”, The lead actor faced many demons including the actual wolves hunting him and killing his colleagues one by one.

“Once more into the greatest fight I have ever known. Live and die on this day, live and die on this day” his dad had written and became his rallying cry.

Are you willing to fight to the death?

There are many who do that every day on this planet of ours.

There are others who run from the battle and hide in their desires and addictions. In their concerns, and stories. They drown themselves in those substances that numb the pain.

I too was one of those people for too many years, willing to not face that to which I needed to face.

Today though is a different story. Today I am willing to not only face my demons, but I am also willing to go into battle with them.

My teacher said that you need to have a Warrior Soul to do that.

I guess it is only fitting that one of my favourite movies is the Warriors – not a lot of great lines – but a great willingness to bop their way back to Coney Island.

As I embark on this quest, I am reminded of a line from the movie the Ninth Warrior – when at the end facing the most difficult battle of his life

for all that I done and left undone, please forgive me, please let me live the next few moments well”

I am ready – lets go!