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So I see my sister Cathy has accepted my offer and come to watch me play and create

Welcome Cathy – but please don’t just be a spectator – you too have the power to create wonderful art with your voice and your words

It is your poem, not mine that still hangs on the wall of Dad’s house.

It is so cathartic to just let the shit flow – to say everything that needs to be said. To empty the heart and soul so that it can be filled up again with that which refreshes.

I thank you for you.
I thank you for being hard on me when you needed to be
I love you for all that we have been and are for each other
I am grateful for everything about you and am glad that I am on this journey through life with you.

And it has been quite a journey hasn’t it – wow – what a fucking roller coaster – and yet in the end I would not have had it any other way – except and this is a very big except – one that I deeply regret

That I wish I had the courage to fight for you to stay at Dad’s house that time. I let you down, I let you go to protect myself. For that I am profoundly sorry and I know much time has past but I also know that that betrayal ways heavy on you.

I am so proud of the woman that you are; the daughter that you are; the sister that you are; the especially the mother that you are – you have two beautiful boys – they are a wonderful legacy for the person that you are.

Welcome Cathy.

I love you!

Love your big brother Gordon