As children we played in sandboxes constructed by adults.

Today we play in the sandboxes we have constructed for ourselves.

There are those of us who have very big sandboxes with many interesting tools and landscapes while others play in small and sparse little squares

My children play a game call Mind Craft – in which they actually create their own virtual world – it is so cool

seeing them become architects at 11 and 17 and to witness the creativity of their creations – I am not sure if I would have the patience.

My times in my life I have expanded the boundaries of my own sandbox – through new jobs that gave me the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and POV.

I have also done courses that pushed me up against the boundaries of my sandbox that I have created based on decisions that I made about my ability, my attractiveness, my spirituality, or my need for financial security.

And of course there are times of my life when my box got smaller when my ego had beat me up that I doubted everything about who I was and what my purpose was in this my one life.

2015 will be a year that I am going to witness the blowing up of my sandbox

Angela Amado once said to me that her purpose was to push us up against the edges of our sandboxes so much that we were most uncomfortable and she imagined the possibility that we got out – and further, what if we never came back again. I am listening again Angela, I am listening again God – thank you for your knocking – let me open that door and let you in – and let’s see where that takes me.

I am renaming this blog to Beyond the Sandbox.